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Part of the reason why our wines are so distinctive is our sense of place.
New Zealand.

We're a small country, home to only 4 million people.
Our scenery is awe-inspiring. It’s spectacular. Inimitably pure and fresh. This is an intrinsic quality of New Zealand and it undoubtedly comes through in the wines.

New Zealand stands proudly alone in the South Pacific, surrounded by the vast Ocean.

This maritime climate plays a vital role in why our wines smell and taste the way they do. The sea breeze cleansing our atmosphere daily, cooling our nights, preserving the flavours created in our vineyards during the day.
Rich in seafood, our seascapes can be
rugged and dramatic in places…

But wonderfully calm and serene in others.

As in the dreamy beaches of Cathedral Cove
in the North Island of New Zealand.
This is one of the beautiful things about New Zealand. The country is small in size, but the landscape diverse.

And then there’s
New Zealand's unique Flora.

Adding vibrancy, stature and form to our environment
- as our Pohutakawa tree does, regarded by New Zealand’s
indigenous people - the Mãori - as the 'Chiefly' tree.

And New Zealand's characterful Fauna.

Our lush native bush is home to a large number of native bird species, such as the statuesque Tui with an amazing vocal (pictured here). Everyday we watch as the Tui busily swoops it's way through the vineyard. And hidden in isolated parts of our forests you’ll find the Kiwi; the shy, nocturnal and flightless bird - also our National symbol.

And then there’s the drama of
New Zealand's mountains.

It’s like they’ve fought their way from beneath the surface of the earth. They command incredible respect. Often surrounded by mirror-like waters, as you see here in Milford, in the Southernmost part of New Zealand. The mountains holding the clouds, keeping them from our vineyards....

And where there are mountains, you’ll find
the river valleys, oozing their way to the sea.

And this is exactly where the Insight vines live.
Enjoying life on these alluvial soils, basking in the sunshine
sheltered by surrounding mountains, drinking the pristine water that runs beneath. In our world, this is the definition of pure.

Life in New Zealand is serene.

Making for ideal conditions for grape growing.
And we have Mother Nature to thank for that.