With the thousands of wines out there all vying for your attention, our mission at Insight is to make ours stand out.

And one of the ways we have done this is in the label design.

It’s quite radical.

First, we used the overt typographical approach as a vehicle to tell you more about the wine.

In each little strand of information, bursting from the label, we share with you notes on where and how the wine was grown.  We include suggestions for food matching and explain what aromas and tastes you might find in the wine.

So with Insight, you can feel more informed about the wine. You’re getting added ‘insight’!

Second, we wanted the label to complement our vision of celebrating the sensory aspect of the wines. So, we used holographic foil on the label.

This means when the bottle moves around as you pour it or pick it up, the holographic foil catches the light and all the spectrums of colour come alive.

It’s wonderfully sensory.

And when we think of aromas and tastes – and how we relate these to fruits or flowers or herbs – colour is often associated with those elements. So the spectrum of colours shimmering from the holograph fits perfectly with Insight’s sensory concept.

Finally, we thought about how wine is one of the few products that end up on your table in its original packaging. So it’s important for us that our wine is respectful to your environment.

Further, we think about the effort that goes into making a bottle of wine – more than a year’s efforts, or in the case of Pinot Noir, two year’s – so it vitally important for us that the final package is respectful to that process. Why go to all the effort and then make the label look boring and generic? Not us…

At Insight, it’s the attention to detail that makes the difference…this is the Insight spirit.