At Insight, we’re always amazed at just how many wines are made globally.

Let’s look at the global wine industry; if we took the ten big and well known wine producing countries – Spain, France, Italy, US, Portugal, Germany, South Africa, Australia, Chile, Argentina – between them, they have almost 10 million acres of wine producing vineyards.

That’s huge.

So let’s think about this in context of Marlborough’s total area. Marlborough represents a mere 0.54% of these ten countries production. Yet, internationally when it comes to reputation, the world’s wine critics unanimously agree that Marlborough and New Zealand, has something quite unique.

Gerard Basset, O.B.E, Master of Wine, Master Sommelier and recently awarded ‘World’s Best Sommelier’, says of New Zealand:

“…this small country in terms of wine acreage has an incredible high ratio of amazing wine producers. New Zealand definitively belongs to the premiership of the world of wine…”

And if we take the annual Insight production – it is so tiny in comparison.  It is a mere 0.0010% of the 10 million acres producing wine every year.

For that reason, on a global scale, Insight is truly special. It has integrity, it’s authentic and it smells and tastes really, really good.

And you can rest assured, with Insight wines you have the confidence and peace of mind that what you are drinking is a wine that has been made from a pure, beautiful place by a talented and passionate team who respect the process and the role of Mother Nature.

Insight; wines that will undoubtedly awaken your senses.