You might often see the term ‘Single Vineyard’ on a wine label.
But what does that actually mean?

‘Single Vineyard’ is a term used in the wine industry referencing that the wine in the bottle comes from a single vineyard site.  Which means this particular vineyard, and the grapes grown there, have been isolated from all other vineyards due to its superiority.

All the Insight wines are from the same ‘Single Vineyard’.

It is superior because of the combination of elements suited to grape growing at that particular location. The combination of soil, topographical features, water quality, sunlight and the daily temperatures. All of these elements are in balance and harmony for premium grape production.

So ‘Single Vineyard’ is effectively a quality mark.

Isolating a single site also means that the team are able to give more attention to the grapes grown on that particular site, which ultimately results in a higher quality wine.

‘Single Vineyard’ equals attention to detail.

Attention to detail equals better quality and value for you.